Automatically CC or BBC Recipients in Gmail

ContextSmith provides a quick and easy way to keep all relevant accounts copied in the emails you send. This feature creates the perfect tool for those who wish to send a copy of all customer emails to a colleague or log all your messages into your CRM.

Why should you automatically add Cc and Bcc recipients?

This feature saves time and can be used to:

  • Send a copy of all customer emails to a colleague
  • Send all your messages to Salesforce
  • Automatically save a backup copy of all sent emails to an external email address.

How to use the automatic Cc or Bcc in Gmail?

To activate this feature, open your Compose/Reply window and check the CRM box:Fwd__Almost_there__Only_5_steps_left_to_Dropbox_mastery__-_syong_contextsmith_com_-_ContextSmith_Mail__.png

How to log my emails to my CRM?

Find the BCC address associated with your CRM:

Saving the email address into the BCC address box will get you up and running!








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