How to integrate Basecamp 2 with ContextSmith Opportunity


This integration enables you to easily transfer discussions from Basecamp 2. Once integrated, "Discussions" in Basecamp 2 will include the conversation between team members and/or clients in a ContextSmith Opportunity.

(Please note: ContextSmith integrates with Basecamp 2 and does not integrate with Basecamp Classic, Basecamp 3 or other programs)


To integrate your Basecamp 2 Account with ContextSmith, you will need to do the following:

1. Log into ContextSmith. Select the Settings tab located under the user Profile


2. Navigate into the Basecamp 2 Tile and click "Configure settings"


3. Click "Connect to Basecamp2" button, If you are not already logged into your Basecamp account, you will be prompted to log in:



4. Once you have been redirected back to ContextSmith, Refresh the page. If successful you should view the page below


5. Select the Basecamp Project you wish to link with the ContextSmith Opportunity. Once the mapping is completed, click the "Sync" button to load Basecamp Discussions into your ContextSmith Opportunity. 


Once sync has completed, the mapped project should be displaying the Basecamp Projects!


Projects that are imported into ContextSmith are Public. This means that everyone in the workspace is able to see them unless the connection is manually removed. All Discussions are imported with the admin setting of the admin user who authorized the integration. 

Note: You must be an Admin Role ContextSmith user in ContextSmith for this functionality to work properly.

Every ContextSmith Stream can only map to one Basecamp 2 Project.

"Syncing" process may take a few minutes depending on discussion size.





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