How to sync Salesforce Standard Fields

We provide an Account, Opportunity, and Contact field that can be synced with your Salesforce fields tab. 

To get started by finding your Salesforce fields tab then navigate to ContextSmith Settings > Salesforce Configure Settings. If a Salesforce Admin has been connected, navigate to the Step 4: Map Fields tab

Note: (If you are not the Salesforce Admin and there is no Salesforce account logged in, please contact your Salesforce Admin)

At each level, we provided you with a list of standard fields.

To sync a specific Salesforce Account Field just click the drop down box and select the SFDC custom field. Once the Salesforce fields have been set click Refresh ContextSmith Accounts button on that field level.


If a custom field exists on a custom object in Salesforce that is not provided from the ContextSmith Standard field, just click the Custom Field Tabs to create one.

You can toggle the Salesforce Fields filter:


Salesforce fields On: Will only show the custom Salesforce fields


Off: Will show only the Standard Salesforce fields

Note: If custom fields page is not showing the correct fields please contact support.



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