What is an Opportunity?

ContextSmith's Opportunity is designed to track the various touch points from your organization with your customers through emails, meetings, notes, and Salesforce activities.

Here are the important components of an Opportunity:


1. Settings

  1. Follow: You will receive a daily or weekly email summary when you follow an opportunity.
  2. Edit: You can modify opportunity settings, such as privacy. Note: (Only opportunity owners have this option)
  3. Refresh: When clicked, we retrieve the latest email activities about this account.  Refresh happens automatically, but this button gets the latest status on demand. Note: (Only opportunity owners have this option)

2. Metrics

  1. Stage: Pulled from Salesforce
  2. Deal Size: Pulled from Salesforce
  3. Days to Close: Imported Salesforce field
  4. Open Alerts and Tasks: Tasks that have not yet been completed that belong to the opportunity.

3. Tabs

  1. Activities: Contains Timeline of all account engagement (described below).
  2. Alerts & Tasks: Contains Tasks and Alerts that we automatically find in your day-to-day communication.
  3. Relationship Graph: A visual graph indicating engagement levels within the organization.

4. Notes

  1. Include any kind of notes into the timeline.

5. People

  1. Suggested People: People who we found that also cc'ed others and not on the People list.
  2. People: Actual members in the Stream.  Members can be internal and external people; however, it is important to add all the people that you want to track engagements emails & meetings with.
  3. Followers: Sometimes other internal members or teams (like colleagues, boss, Product, Billing, Engineering, etc.) would like to follow an account activity without being directly involved.  Followers will receive a daily or weekly summary email.  It is the same functionality as described in #1 after click on "Follow" button.

6. Timeline

A continuous view of activities about a specific account or a group of people.  You can think of it as a news feed of your customer, even if you're not directly cc'ed or involved in any of the activities.  Read more about timeline ».

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