What is a Timeline?

ContextSmith's Timeline keeps is a continuous stream of activities with customers through their lifecycle. Activities can be emails, meetings, Salesforce activities, or just notes regarding the account's history.  It is the single source of truth of every single touch point of your account throughout your whole organization.

Here are some components of ContextSmith's Timeline and what you can do with it:



  • The timeline is automatically generated through integration with Email, Calendar, and third-party sources like Salesforce.  The only manual input from ContextSmith is adding a note - free text to enter any information such as meeting notes and information that you want to share with others. 
  • Our timeline can be filtered in many different ways.  Let's say you only want to see all interactions with your main point of contact, Jessica.  Go to Filter by People and type "Jessica", and the timeline will filter all communication with Jessica, whether you were on the email or not.  You can further filter by communication type (Emails, Meetings, Notes, etc.) and by time (drag the graph). 
  • This is where the actual email conversation or engagement with the customer lives.  There can be multiple activities within a single thread or ticket, and we also display the people involved in the conversation.  Note: One on One Emails in your inbox also displays here unless a third party is introduced, so it's easy to keep track of all activities with customers in one place.
  • There are a few actions that you can do to the activity.
    1. Reply Email: Any email conversation can be replied via email.
    2. Pin as Key Activity: any activity can be marked as "Key Activity", which means it is an important activity that needs to stand out as an important milestone, note, or activity.
    3. Mark Private: ContextSmith has multiple user roles, and the default role allows all emails to be public.  The other role automatically makes all 1:1 emails private.  You can manually mark an activity as "private" as well.
    4. Comment: Make the timeline more interactive!  Anything you share will have the same settings as the conversation.
    5. Alerts & Tasks: Risks and/or Smart Actions related to this opportunity.



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