How to Create a Custom Opportunity

Creating a Custom Opportunity from scratch is easy.  The most important building block of an Opportunity is the members, which contains both internal and external people.  This is how to create a custom opportunity and include people.

1. Navigate to "Opportunity" tab from the left sidebar.  You will see a list of all the Opportunities and their details.  Click on "+ New Opportunity" on the top right-hand corner of the page.


2. In the form, enter the Opportunity information.


3. Once the Opportunity is created, there are no activities and no people (except yourself).  Let's add some affiliates by navigating to the right section "People".



4. In the "Add people..." field, enter both internal and external members involved in this account.  Internal members are the people who touch the account, and external members define the "who" that your internal members interact with.  Internal members can be anyone in other departments as well, such as Sales, Marketing, Legal, Billing, and Product Manager.




5. After the people are included, simply click on "Refresh" and the Timeline will populate.  You're done! As the owner of the opportunity, you will be included in the daily and weekly "Followers" list and will receive a summary email for updates about the opportunity.



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